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Our Programs


Cosmic Kids is a family owned and operated company providing a safe place for children grades K-5th to grow emotionally, academically, as well as socially.  Our programs are designed to cater to all age groups while acknowledging and exploring one's individuality.  Here at Cosmic Kids, we believe that the best programs are the ones where the students are involved in the planning and programming.  We implement the children's interests and experiences into our club days as well as our "Fun Filled Fridays." We offer a balance where the children can excel in  their creative, academic and social skills. 


Cosmic Kids provides a "home away from home" environment where children feel safe to explore and take risks.  We work collaboratively towards success.   Once you are a part of our family, you are always part of our family!  We believe that we are  part of a team that includes our community schools and families.  Together we share the goal in providing the very best for each and every child that is in our care. Making good memories, with good people and encouraging our youth to be the best that they can be!   


Our programs include our Cosmic Kids at Strathmore ES, providing before and after care for students in grades K-5. Cosmic Kids provides care for students that attend Bel Pre ES and Strathmore ES.  These programs provide care on non-school days, including spring break and winter break.  Cosmic Kids and Teens provide care on 1/2 days of school as well as for a limited time on emergency closing days.  Cosmic Kids at Strathmore ES provides extended before school care on delayed opening days.  The fun keeps on going through the summer with our summer camp program.

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